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We researched as many local candidates as possible.  Research included direct interviews and public information from websites.  Then we compiled information based on the candidates' answers and other research.

We compared positions of different candidates (and their parties) with what the Bible teaches on these areas.   We also sought external references on reputation and conduct of these candidates. 

The candidates whose positions most closely agreed with the Bible were the ones we chose.

In an ideal world, every single candidate would be a Bible-believing Christians who would uphold God's Law in public office.  In reality, such candidates for many public offices do not exist.  

Sometimes, candidates we recommend profess to be Christians who live by the Bible. 

Other times, candidates profess not to be Christians, yet they agree with Biblical positions more than other candidates.

There could be situations when a candidate might profess to be a Christian, yet the candidate does not govern by Biblical principles.  At times, we might be unable to recommend any candidate for some elections.     


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